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Artificial turf Grass Making Machine For Making Tufting 4m NSK (Pile Height range: 18mm-55mm

Place of Origin CHINA
Certification SGS ISO ROHS
Model Number 3/8 Making machine
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Product Details
Voltage 380V, 220/380V, 380V 50HZ 3Phase(Customized), 220v 380v, 380/220V Power(w) 150KW, 78KW, 50-120kw, 228KW, 150KW/100KW
Condition NEW Gauge 3/8,5/8
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Product Description

Artificial turf Grass Making Machine For Making Tufting 4m NSK (Pile Height range:  18mm-55mm 0


2: 3/8供货范围及指标(3 / 8supply scope and index):
2.1 机架采⽤全铸造机架,机械传动部分均采⽤⽇本NSK轴
承,轴采⽤45#钢调制磨光轴.(The body Frame is full cast
frame, mechanical drive part all made of NSK bearings of
Japan brand, adopts 45# steel modulation polishing shaft)
草坪割绒机有效幅宽4.1m (Effective width of
lawn mowing machine is 4.1 m)
直线单针结构针梁, (Straight single needle structure
needle beam)
变频可调马达, (Variable frequency adjustable motor)
⼿动可调床板和锁紧系统,(Manually adjustable bed
plate and locking system)
可调冲程, (Adjustable stroke)
绒⾼范围 3/8 18mm-55mm ,(Pile Height range:
机械速度 400-500 RPM, (Machine speed: 400-500 RPM)
针迹范围10-35/10cm; (Stitch Length: 10-35 stitch per
2.2⼀套单⾯双伺服导纱系统.(Include 1 set of One side
double servo yarn-guiding system
2.3⼀套双伺服底布喂⼊系统.(Include 1 set of Double
servo backing control system)
2.4 按4.1m 配置的432件国产针,钩,⼑,叉.针,钩,
⼑,叉各20件备⽤,⼑架备⽤2个 .(Include432pcs
homemade needles, hooks, knifes, forks according to 4.1
confifiguration. And 20pcs needles, hooks, knifes, forks for
each, 2pcs spare knife rest for spare use)
2.5 2* 15 KW 4级 主电机2个, (2pcs of 2* 15, KW, class 4
main motors)
2.6 启动控制柜,软启动/停⽌,⾼位停车,故障显⽰,电
(Start control cabinet, soft start/stop, High Parking, Fault
indication, meter counter, Confifigure front pull switch, front
photoelectric switch, PLC and touch screen all using
2.7 集纱板⼀块.(1pc of Yarn collecting plate)
以上项⽬为簇绒机主机.(The above project is the tufting
machine mainframe.)
2.8 258位双头纱架⼀座,双层底布架及摆布装置.200KG
尼龙穿纱管.(1 pc of 258 head double yarn frame, double
layers bottom cloth frame and handle device. 200KG nylon
yarn wearing pipe)
以上项⽬为辅助设备,锭⼦位,穿纱管等.(The above
items for auxiliary equipment, spindles, bobbins.)